Our Corporate
Core Values


#1 Upholding our family values through our business practices

We have both a professional and personal interest in delivering high quality outcomes, underpinned by friendly and approachable staff.  It is through these values, that we foster enduring client relationships.



#2 Learning and growing from experience

With every transaction, we actively identify opportunities for continual learning and growth; building on our in-house expertise in order to continue delivering superior projects which meet our client’s existing and future requirements.



#3 Developing collaborative teams for superior results

The entire Akura Team is involved from day one; helping to tailor the design, get it through approvals and oversee its successful construction to ensure your building fulfils your needs.



#4 Designing innovative solutions that stand the test of time

To ensure your project is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional, our architect, engineer and drafting teams work seamlessly to deliver a building that is designed for your eye, budget and needs; but more importantly, will stand the test of time.



#5 Simplifying processes for speed of execution

We continually streamline processes for efficient delivery of results.  The simplicity of design and execution assures cost effective building solutions with a quicker return on investment.


#1 A ‘Get It Done’ Attitude

  • We move fast and are focused on getting results – time is of the essence
  • We support one another.  If there is a problem we all come together to help each other out
  • We deliver on our promises – we’re accountable
  • We ensure our work is complete before we hand it over



#2 No loose ends

  • We achieve the expected outcomes – we never leave any loose ends.  We believe that success is in the details.
  • We go to extensive lengths to make sure everything is right and just as it should be.
  • We build trust with employees, customers, partners and our community



#3 Bringing passion to our work

  • We love what we do.
  • We put all that we love into all that we do in designing and constructing buildings
  • We’re industrious, we enjoy working hard and creating something
  • We take the ordinary and make it extraordinary



#4 Finding solutions together

  • We use our work to learn and grow our abilities and improve results
  • We combine our strengths for compelling team results
  • We create worth through sound ROI, allowing our clients to go further, do better, be prosperous
  • Doing this allows us to grow as people and contributors



#5 Strong family values

  • We have a ‘Can Do’ attitude.
  • We are friendly; we get along with people, with each other, our clients and suppliers
  • People believe in us because we keep our word and have a reputation for honesty and transparency – through delivering what customers are told they will get



#6 Respect and collaboration

We serve effectively when we show respect for others and collaborate with good intentions

We don’t dictate to our customers, we work with them in finding the best solution



#7 Good to work with

We are easy to work with in our all our dealings, ready to respond with personal service, holding ourselves accountable for results


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