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Structural steel Dairy Sheds for maximised milk production

Akura’s dairy sheds are designed for appropriate ventilation requirements, efficient management, maximised cow comfort and increased milk production.

It is through our long standing partnerships with Australian farmers, dairy producers and agricultural consultants, that Akura has the expertise and capabilities to ensure our infrastructure is structurally designed and engineered for cow comfort and maximised milk production.

Our collaborative approach with leading industry bodies, allows us the ability to provide complete turn-key dairy solutions, inclusive of robotics, chiller systems, feed operations and renewable energy systems for efficient one barn dairy operations.

We take into consideration elements such as elevation, pack and ventilation management, feed and water space, natural airflow and location, along with possible future requirements.

All Akura dairy barns and sheds are constructed from high grade structural steel; providing a long-term, low maintenance solution. Our galvanised dairy sheds mean that corrosion seen in ordinary dairy farm sheds is avoided.

How a dairy shed can benefit your business

Improve cow comfort The comfort of your cows directly impacts their output, quality of milk along with first service conception rates and calf birth weights
Minimise costs Costs associated with the storage and handling of manure is reduced
Positively impact herd longevity Reduce involuntary cullings associated with health and fertility problems
Achieve increased milk production Happy cows = productive cows = increased milk yields

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