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01/08/2018   |   By Kristy Welsh

Precast concrete finishes and design features

When you think about constructing a warehouse or factory, your mind immediately presents an image of a boring oversized ‘shed’. And in many cases that image would be correct.

Fortunately, industrial and commercial ‘shed-like’ developments integrating unique elements to their design is an emerging trend – delivering some really striking outcomes.

For anyone who understands the importance of branding, you know that your brand and culture needs to be reflected in everything that you do – your premises is no exception.

The traditional route to achieve this used to be simply applying signage to the building or fence. However, in our experience – clients are looking for something more, and are excited by the prospect of using different materials and finishes applied to their building, to achieve a unique look and feel reflective of their brand.



For Akura, our approach has always been to deliver buildings that are designed for the eye, budget and needs.

Our manufacturing plant has an advanced and very specific precast concrete tilt slab mix; unlike anything in Central West NSW.

The fact that we manufacture our own precast panels in-house allows for the flexibility to integrate any type of design or finish.


We’ve been fortunate to be commissioned to provide a complete design and construct service delivery for a unique building project; constructed exclusively from precast concrete panels and structural steel.

This building is comprised of precast panels which feature a range of finishes and design elements at varying thicknesses. These bespoke panels are a true example of just some of the design opportunity available to those business owners wanting to separate their business premises from the traditional ‘industrial shed’ appearance.

We’ve also integrated design features to the panels of a number of other industrial and commercial developments, using in-lay patterns, form liners, decorative false joints and polystyrene cast into the panels.

Probably the most exciting is the ability to achieve different finishes to the precast panels. Using form liners, we are able to apply a timber finish to panels for instance. Exposed aggregates is another classic finish, along with polished concrete which has definitely become popular across commercial and industrial developments within the last decade.

The magic of precast concrete panel finishes and design features is that you are really only limited by your imagination.

For more information on our ability to manufacture unique and bespoke precast concrete panels, or to find out how we can apply decorative features and finishes for your industrial or commercial project, contact the friendly Akura team.