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Where a complete design and construct solution is not required, Akura has the versatility to provide our clients with customised lock-up packages.

By engaging a qualified design and construct team to complete your lock-up build, you are guaranteed quality products and workmanship for a superior building foundation. The fact we manufacture our own precast concrete panels and structural steel, means that we have the ability to streamline and simplify the construction process.

Alternatively, if a complete design and construct solution seems like a better fit for your project, find more information here.


What is the lock-up stage in constructing a building?

The lock-up stage refers to the point in time where a building can effectively be ‘locked up’. This is normally when all the windows and exterior doors are on.

Building to lock-up generally includes managing the pre-construction phase (for instance taking care of the DA application, acquiring a Construction Certificate, engineering etc), the completion of footings, laying the slab, installation of structural steel, completing the roofing and cladding and finally installing windows and doors inclusive of roller doors etc.

All remaining works are the responsibility of the building owner.



Family business with strong rural values We have both a professional and personal interest in delivering high quality outcomes, underpinned by friendly and approachable staff.
Innovative Design Team Our architect, engineer and drafting team work seamlessly to deliver a building that is designed for your eye, budget and needs.
Expert Project Managers Your Akura Project Manager is involved from day one, helping to tailor the design, get it through Council and oversee its successful development to ensure it fully meets your needs.
In-house Manufacturing Supported by our ability to manufacture both structural steel and precast concrete panels, Akura has removed the need for management of multiple service providers.
Our Machinery is Our Own Because we own our trucks, mobile cranes and earthmoving equipment we have near complete control of construction.
Experienced Construction Team Akura has the in-house expertise to complete every aspect of your project from concept to completion.


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